Milestone Promotions presented the 2013 NL Kids Expo on June 15-16 at the Jack Byrne Arena in Torbay, NL!

After the inaugural NL Kids Expo back in June 2012 we were overwhelmed with the response – unheard of for a first time event with over 10,000 visitors! It was obvious that moving forward, a larger venue was needed to accommodate such an event.

In 2013 the following improvements were made:2013NLKidsExpoPoster

*50% increase in Kids Zone with additional bouncy castles
*350 more parking spaces*25% larger floor space for exhibitors
*100% of building is wheelchair/stroller friendly/accessibleThe 2013 NL Kids Expo was an outstanding success with over 65 exhibitors and thousands upon thousands through came through the gates.  Most importantly, we saw thousands of happy little faces(painted of course) leave the building!  For highlights on this incredible event and to see how much fun was had, check out our photo gallery here