Taking place Saturday, June 3rd at 12:00pm.

Open to kids ages 8-12 (as of June 3, 2017).

This will be a talent competition for kids aged 8-12. There will be friendly, scored (category weighted) judging. Please see details below.

Open to non-professional competitors only (cannot be represented by a management company)

Contest opened to ALL talents: singing, dancing, magic, comedy, impersonator, etc.


  1. Contestants must be a current resident of Newfoundland & Labrador
  2. Contestants will be required to adhere to age categories and will be requested to show proof of age (i.e. birth certificate)
  3. No contest entry fees
  4. Contestants may enter as a solo or group performer (no more than 4)
  5. Audition videos must not be longer than 3 minutes and submitted via email only
  6. Live performances are limited to 5 minutes
  7. Live performing music may be on cd/mp3, music should be cued to start time and have your name on it
  8. If you are bringing equipment, you are responsible for that equipment at all times
  9. No performance may include/use fire, paint, liquids, food or harmful substances – final discretion is up to the event management (Milestone Promotions & Events)
  10. All content and dress from all contestants must be age appropriate. All music must be family friendly and approved by event management (I.E. We will not approve “I’m Sexy And I Know It”)
  11. Sound equipment will be provided and sound technician will be on site
  12. Contestants must submit an entry form and stage plot with video auditions
  13. All contestants should use public parking and are responsible for arriving on time



*Video audition evaluations will not be SOLELY based on talent. Talent will play a key role but we will also looking at performance value, personality, uniqueness & FUN performers!

Audition Video Information

*Videos no longer than 3 minutes – content submitted over 3 minutes will be judged until the 3 minute mark
*Ensure video is no larger than 3GB to ensure it is received via email – larger files may not make it through email
*Auditions for the 2017 NL Kids Got Talent Show will be accepted until May 22nd, 2017 at 11:59pm (Newfoundland Standard Time).
*To enter, click here to download the entry form, complete and email your form and audition video to: nlkidsgottalent@gmail.com

Live Performances

10 contestants will be judged and selected from the video audition entries. Those contestants will be notified and invited to participate in the Live Show at the 6th Annual NL Kids Expo. The event will take place Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 at Techniplex. All contestants should arrive for check-in 45 minutes prior to show time to register and arrive ready to perform.  Again, performances are limited to 5 minutes.

If using a CD, please test your CD on a piece of equipment other than the one you burned it on before bringing it to the event. If your CD does not work at the event, you will have the option of performing without music or forfeiting your place in the competition.  No parents will be allowed at the sound booth.

There will be no final(s) as all contestants will perform once.

Important Dates

Video Auditions :
Accepted as of 9:00am, May 2nd (Newfoundland Standard Time)
Deadline is 11:590pm, May 22nd, 2017 (Newfoundland Standard Time)

Live Performance Location  

NL Kids Expo – Techniplex, St. John’s, NL
The main stage at the NL Kids is 12ft wide X 8ft deep and approx. 2ft high. It is a soft stage and carpeted.

Dressing Rooms

There are no designated dressing rooms available.  Please plan to come dressed to perform or use the public restrooms within the building.  There will be a green room where we will have a meet & greet with the contestants prior to the event starting.

NL Kids Got Talent Competition Awards(Ages 8-12)

*This will be a talent competition for kids aged 8-12. There will be friendly, scored (category weighted) judging and final qualifiers will be provided judging criteria.

First place
$1000.00 Cash Prize + NL Kids Got Talent Trophy

1st Runner Up Prize
$250.00 Cash Prize

All Other Contestants (Remaining 8 Contestants)
NL Kids Got Talent “Swag Bag”


Judges decisions are final and scores are not released to acts or the public.

Performances will be judged on point based system and will consist of: (1) Quality of performance (2) Stage presence (3) Entertainment value (4) Audience reaction.

The judging panel for the live performances will be comprised of caring, fun and qualified individuals – maybe even some celebrities!


The NL Kids Got Talent Show may be recorded for promotional purposes.  All contestants give NL Kids Got Talent (Milestone Promotions Inc) the right to use the recorded performances or photos in any way necessary to promote the contest in future years with no additional residuals or payment.

Admission and Parking

PLEASE NOTE: Contestants only will get complimentary admission. ALL parents, guardians, and guests will be required to purchase a gate admission ticket to gain entry into the NL Kids & Family Expo on the day of the event.  Parking on site is free but can be challenging to find throughout the weekend – please arrive early to locate parking.  Note: All contestants will also receive a complimentary NL Kids & Family Expo Fun Zone Pass.

NL Kids Got Talent (Milestone Promotions Inc.)
250 Lemarchant Road, P.O. Box 26088
St.John’s, NL, A1E 0A5

Please Note: Submissions will not be accepted by mail.
Email: nlkidsgottalent@gmail.com


Sunday, June 4th – Techniplex, St. John’s

Contest Schedule

11:30am : Registration takes place in person and all interested parties will be given an entry number

11:45am : Review of Rules & Regulations for Participants

12:00pm : Let the Baby Races Begin!


Registration will take place at 11:30am at the Showcase Stage in Techniplex at the NL Kids & Family Expo. Only 32 babies will be able to participate in this event and this will be on a first come, first serve basis. At 11:45am, an overview with participant parents will take place to go over rules and regulations and baby races will begin at 12:00pm sharp! All 32 participants will be given a complimentary NL Kids Expo t-shirt for the races – to keep!

Babies will set-up in 1 of 4 lanes and must crawl from one end of the lane to the other. You will be required to have two adults to participate as the baby will be held at the start of their lanes until the race begins, at which time they will race to the end of the lane to a parent/family member! There will be a round robin, quarterfinals, semi finals and then the final where 2 babies will have a race off!

The lucky and fastest baby and their family will receive a Winner Prize Pack valued over $500. This prize pack will include items from The Little Gym of St.John’s, Babble Roo Teething Beads, Taloopa Baby, and Milestone Promotions & Events. There will also be 1st runner up, 2nd runner up and 3rd runner up prize packs awarded.

If you think your baby is fast and want to take a shot at he/she being crowned this years NL Kids & Family Expo Baby Crawling Champion, be at the Techniplex at 11:30 to register and be eligible. Babies must only be crawling (no walking) and this will be judged/reviewed carefully upon registration.  Yes you can bring your child’s favourite toy as an incentive to crawl from one end to the other 🙂

What to expect?  Here’s a video from a baby crawl race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOP3B3ZET4U

Good luck!